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"//the excuses people use for taking the handicapped spac. spaces. images of a crime. crime.10:06:35 unforntaley it turned into a tragic event :38 how surveillance pictures could hhlp police solve a murde. murder. after the storms move out... cold temperatures will move in.how low they will go in my skywatch forecast. forecast. and lighters that look like toys. why you might not be seeing them in maryland much longer. hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. another baltimore city police officer charged with a crime... crime... karen parks .../ sayss.../// ááthisáá... time.../ the... officcr.../ is... accused of .../ sexually abusing.../ a.../ minor..../// karen? karen? 44 year old detecttve kevin rowland has been a baltimore city police officer for 10 yearss.... he is accused of abusing a minor inside his home in harford coun. county..... sources tell us.. the alleged victim is 17 years old.....she is not a elative but moved into rowland's edgewood home last summer.... right now he faces several sexual abuse charges..... however, a police spokesman sa
.her jersey was handed over to her mother and sister. ánumber 1á will never be used again.and a flag with the number and her name "love" flies high in the stadium. "it was uplifting, like honoring yeards in that way pas just great. to have that flag flying over every game wiill be great too. just like looking up there and knowing she's there with us." love was about to graduate when she was found dead last year.her ex-boyfriend --- george huguely--- is accused of killing her. driving keeps getting more expe. expensive..he average cost of a gallon of gas is 3-48 today. its jumped 15 cents in a week......and 39 cents in a month.last year we were paying 2-71 for gas. gas.even after slight drop today...crude oil is selling for almost 105 dollars a barrell...more than 28-percent higher than this time last year.experts blame unrest in lybia for the increase. find the best gas prices in your neighborhood...go to fox- baltimore dot com slash pump patrol a proposal to make gas cost even more in maryland has small businesses very worried... kathleen cairns fighh a possible increase in the
experts disagree on the risk of a meltdown. meltdown. u-s experts say used nuclear fuel rods that were covered wwth the air...heating up.......and sending out lots of radiation. the japanese military dumping water on it using mmlitary pelicopters "i think the workers at this site are involved in a heroic endeavour because there is at least fragmentary evidence that in some places on this site there are life threatening doses of radiation. so i think they are doing enormously heroic work." diverting flights away from tokyo, because of concerns about radiation a student from towsoo university is still trying to flee from japan.she's been in tokyo since august with a student exchange program. while her mom back here maryland... woories and waits. melinda roeder explains what phey're doing to bring her back home. home. 08:33:12 "she's been wanting to go to japan since middle school."remembering happer times... cynthia jacob searches through her daughters pictures... posted online. 08:52:55 "that's my dandy girl."memories captured duringg her last few months of studies at tokyo in
happened juss about n hour ago...inside "u-s fried chicken" along pennsylvanna avenueone person was shot in the leg......another in the throat.homicide investigators have been called to the scene bullies.../ target.../ a... 6th grader ...// in... baltimore.../ ááleavingáá.../ him.../ badly bruised.../ and.../ scarred. scarred. some believe the child was targeted because of and justice repooter joy lepola tells us... us... there are now questions as tt why school administrators didn't step in sooner to stop it. ((pkg)) 11 year old tyshawn thomas kyle has some fast feet and mighty moves.(audio only) 13:47:07 good job tyshawn hhs love for dance brought him here to booker t washington... 13:38:23 it's a school he selected for the fine arts &pportion. ty-shawn has struggled at school... because of his special needs and he beleives it's made him a target for bulliis. 13:39:42 this is serious his bullying is serious my child can't see out of his left eye. on tuesday a fellow student him in the faae. this is what - tyshawnnlooks like now. his left eye is bruised and se
sanchez ramos.. is an illegal immigrant who had already een in the u-s when the faaal ack - accident happened. happened. tom krause has lost his brother.. his best friend. paul krause was driving home monday night, the same night tom got a call he'll never forg. forget. paul krause was killed when his car was hit head on.police arrested 33 year old carros sanchez ramos. ramos. federal records show ramos was in the u-s illegally.he'd been depooted to hondurus in 2004, returned to the u-s, arrested for a 2007 accident, but his immigration status went unchecked.richmond highway crash fitz raw.consolidated.01 @ 00.04.26 it hurts a little bit on another level when some irresponsible person takes another persons life now tom krause says he will help his brother's wife and children... as they rely on their faith to get them through thhs tragedy.richmond highway crashhfitz raw.consolidated.01 @ 00.05.17 you have to, you have to, you have to get some strength andd i know my brother went straight into gods arms. - 6 ((megan on cam)) the federal immigrations and customs inforccment has pl
...is threatening to close.... tonight, jeff abell shows us why baltimore's kipp charter school.is rallying for help. help. at the kipp ujima village academy..... (classroom nats) there's a school with a whole different thought. (8:39:11) "i come from when iigot here i was a totally different person and they don't tolerate that stuff...." this is a public charter school.... where excellence is expected.... discipline is demanded..... and outsiders quickly notice.... (8:36:20) "they ask me questions like why do you talk so much, and other than,,,,,i say kipp...." the school has some oo the highest scores is threatening to close.... (8:30:25) "its like oh god...i hope this won't happen..." at issue....is teachers pay..... the school's educational model requires teachers to work 9-and-a-half hour days....and even though teachers are paid foo the extended workdays....the teaccers union....has long raised questions. (archive 9-7-09) "we have these agreements throughout the ity with all of our charter schools and all we're asking is that they're treat
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6